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Wake County Mom Finds Sexual Content on Son's School Laptop

The Pavement Education Project has been concerned about harmful content that children may have access to through school devices. Parents need to be concerned about the games, sites, books, etc that are available. Should we expect teachers to monitor what is happening? Are filters working? All of these are questions parents need to ask of administrators.

Additionally, Keung Hui, Education Reporter for the News and Observer, recently reported on his Twitter account that NC public schools are reporting an increase in possession of pornographic &/or profane material & possession of graphically violent material by students. As a result, they're among the new behavior codes in PowerSchool for putting in student records. PEP wonders if the material in question is being brought into the school or some of the content available on library shelves or devices.

It is time for parents to stand up and speak out. Who will be held accountable for what children see, read, participate in, or try?

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