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Thursday, June 20, an amendment to House Bill 263 passed that will affects the selection and procurement of supplemental materials and challenges to both instructional and supplemental materials. New language was included that would prohibit materials from being obscene, inappropriate to age and grade level of the students, must be aligned with the standard course of study, and must not be pervasively vulgar. An appeal process is included that would make it possibly for parents to take legal recourse.

We consider this a step in the right direction. We must protect our children and give them the resources needed for them to grow into happy, healthy, successful adults. BUT the Senate needs to pass it. Call you North Carolina Senator and ask them to PASS IT!

Read more here. Page 57 is where most education related changes can be found:

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Parents and Guardians send their children to school with expectations that they will receive a good education, and have access to appropriate materials and texts. They also expect an environment in which their child's physical and mental health is protected. Content defined as obscene is now included in libraries and classrooms by North Carolina Statute § 14-190.13. Content may show graphic images or have descriptions of sexual acts. Please take note of North Carolina Statute § 14-190.15. It allows a defense for schools, libraries, and museums to have a pass. No one ever thought such inappropriate literature would appear within the walls of a school. Furthermore, some book titles appear to be in violation of the newly ratified SB 49: The Parents' Bill of Rights. § 115C-76.55. of SB 49 addresses the requirement for age-appropriate instruction for grades kindergarten through fourth grade. It states that " instruction on gender identity, sexual activity, or sexuality shall not be included in the curriculum provided in grades kindergarten through fourth grade, regardless of whether the information is provided by school personnel or third parties." It also prohibits the use of inappropriate inappropriate core and supplementary materials. Look at your child's school district and school on this website to see if there are inappropriate materials available to your child.

Some books and materials available in schools may be in violation of NC General Statute 115C-81.30. Reproductive Health and Safety Education. This content and subject matter may lead children to question their own sexual identity. *The NC Department of Education is currently updating healthy living standards for K-8th grade. The PEP team is monitoring their work to make sure it is true to North Carolina Statutes. 

The Pavement Education Project team working with concerned citizens have identified a selection of books believed to be in violation of  North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 14. Criminal Law § 14-190.1. Obscene literature and exhibitions. Other North Carolina General Statutes regarding Materials Harmful to Minors. Read Subchapter VII Offenses Against Public Morality and Decency Article 26 for the entire statute, definitions, and related offenses toward minors. Contact your legislators with your concerns related to this statute and the intent of the law.

The PEP website shows books, book lists, and related information under the BOOKS tab. North Carolina school districts, books, and links to excerpts are shown under the LOCATIONS tab. If you are interested in assisting with book searches in your NC school district, we can help you get started. Book banning is not the focus, but the appropriateness of such books in a public school setting is questionable.


Recently ratified SB 808: An Act to Prohibit Gender Transition Procedures for MinorsGender Transition for Minors limits medical transitioning procedures or to prescribe, provide, or dispense puberty-blocking drugs or cross-sex hormones to a minor. The statute makes provision for children that have disorders, under treatments for a variety of medical maladies, or suffer physiological abnormalities. The statute outlines penalties for violation of the statute.

HOUSE BILL 574: Fairness in Women's Sports Act also became law. It  will "prohibit male students from playing on middle school, high school, or collegiate athletics teams designated for females, women, or girls". It also will "require a student's sex to be recognized solely based on reproductive biology and genetics at birth for purposes of athletic participation." 

Changes in laws affecting charter schools were enacted in HB 219: The Charter School Omnibus.  It clarifies requirements of charter application and renewal. It addresses enrollment in low performing schools. Admittance of out of state students and children of military families are also outlined. 


The Pavement Education Project team supports SB 90: The Children's Laws Omnibus. The statute would support appropriate sexual education focused on abstinence, refusal skills, and consequences of out  of wedlock sexual activites. It would provide a process for selecting appropriate books for classrooms and libraries. The statute also would require contacting parents if a child is at risk for suicide. Please sign out petition here.

HB 187: Equality in Education would compel students, teachers, administrators, and school personnel to recognize the equality and rights of all persons and to prohibit pubic school units from promoting certain concepts that are contrary to that intent. The proposed law outlines what could not be taught in NC schools. It would protect free speech and allow for history of an ethnic group, impartial discussion, and instruction.

Inappropriate books used with pre-k-2nd grade children
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