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The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give, written by Angie Thomas is a compelling, yet troubled story for readers of any age. The main character, Starr, witnesses the killing of her friend by a policeman during a traffic stop. Racism and activism are central themes. No one would argue that the book shouldn't have been written or that racism does not exist. What is the appropriate age for this type of content? Prolific profanity permeates the book and should disqualify it from public schools because it sends a message

of approval from school staff. The PEP team has heard the book is used by some districts for middle grade ELA, English Language Arts. How can an educator handle the sensitive subject matter and ignore the language that would have any student suspended for uttering on a school campus? Does the selection of this book for instructional use validate the use of profanity? Should this book and others like it be read by children without parental guidance? What are your thoughts?

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