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Trouble in Iredell Statesville Schools

Two news articles posted by Iredell Standing for Truth are well worth reading. One of the articles sheds light on an issue that has concerned many citizens across the state and in Iredell County. Can students use their devices to read inappropriate or harmful material through links to the the public library? Read here: Iredell Students have Digital Access to Public Library Obscene Books.

The second article is entitled Attack the Message, not the Messenger. A local citizen is intimidated and threatened with expulsion by the School Board Chair.  And If that were not bad enough, local law enforcement have been contacted in an attempt to silence the public.

Would you like to hear the content that was read? Listen to the 1/8/2024 Iredell Statesville School Board Meeting. Begin listening around the 44 minute mark. The whole meeting is worth watching!

This video was made by PEP in January highlights some of the huge questions in Iredell Statesville Schools and the public library system. View here:

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