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Scholastic Books Release Progressive Guide Pushing LGBTQIA+ Ideology

Scholastic has published it's "2024 Pride Guide" for educators, caregivers, and advocates of grades K-12. According to the guide, "We are experiencing an undeniable, joyous boom of queer literature for children and young adults of all ages, but it can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest quality representation." The guide and book lists for educators and librarians include older and newer titles for exposing children to the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle. The guide also provides statistics on identity, mental health, definitions and terminology specifically chosen for educators to use with students.

“Books and literature are never neutral,” declares Scholastic. “By engaging with queer literature for children and young adults, you are disrupting the status quo that implies being cisgender, heterosexual, and allosexual are the default. You are showing children an expanded way of thinking and being that validates all children and all people." The company's goal is to shape the values of the child in spite of the values of the parent. As a result, the company undermines the authority of the parent to determine what is appropriate for children.

Parents need to be vigilant. As schools close for the summer and plans are being made for next year. Take note that many PTAs and PTOs hold Scholastic Book Fairs to sell books and earn new books for their child's school library. The fairs provide an opportunity to introduce children to inappropriate or harmful ideologies. Encourage your school to consider other book fair providers. Preview the books being sold. Share your concerns with others.

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