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Informing, engaging, and mobilizing  communities for positive change in education

PEP is not a book banning effort, but offers parents and citizens an opportunity to see what books are available in NC Schools. It is up to parents and communities to take action.

North Carolina School Report Card

View the academic achievement of North Carolina students here.  Choose the county, then the district. You may view academics as far back as 2015. 

The NC Parents' Bill of Rights

SL 2023-106.enumerates the rights of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of their minor children. Enacted July 16, 2023. Effective August 15, 2023. 

Catherine Truitt, NC State Superintendent requested a delay in implementation until January 1, 2024. School districts across the state are rewriting policies. The public needs to take notice of the changes.

What School Board Policy Changes Have Been Made in
Your Child's District?

Some NC school districts post the Parents Bill of Rights on the district webpage. Some districts do not post it anywhere. Even worse, some are writing board policy in direct conflict with the Parents Bill of Rights. Do your diligence and ask how your schools are adhering to policies regarding parent notification and the restriction of sexual identity concepts or materials

before 4th grade.

Contact us if you see violations. 


Stop the Viewing of Sexually Inappropriate Material
on Public School Devices

We need your help to stop North Carolina schools from ignoring the harm being done to innocent children when they access adult websites on school devices. This is happening in the classroom, on the bus and at home. Please take a few minutes to hear from one mom’s experience in Wake County.

See the blog: Pornography on School-Issued Device

If you know of a family that has been impacted by this issue, please have them contact us. With enough complaints,  legal action might proceed. It’s time to hold the North Carolina      Department of Public Instruction, the Board of Education, and District School Boards accountable for violating obscenity laws and for not protecting minors from sexual content on school devices.

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