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    Acerca de WARNING! Videos may include explicit comments and images that are inappropriate for children! NC HB 755 Passes! A win for NC Parents and Children! Excellent read from NC Values Coalition! From article...Chad Slotta said after the hearing that school libraries should be held to a different standard than other libraries or booksellers because their primary audiences are minors. WCPSS Board Meeting 4/5/2022 December 13, 2021 TAKE ACTION! CONTACT US!


    Reading Resources Understanding Lexile Reading Levels The Lexile Framework is an approach to measuring a child’s reading ability and the evaluation of the complexity and difficulty of a text. It can be a helpful tool for for teachers and parents. ​ Click here to learn more. ​ Using the Online Card Catalog How do students search for a book in the media center? Gone are the little wooden drawers with cards with subject, author, location, etc. Now students use a device and go online to search for the location of the books they want. Read here. What are Graphic Novels? Graphic Novels are a format of books that have become increasing popular over the last few years. Learn more here. Books We Love We want to share book titles we love for kids and vendors that have consistently good books for all ages. Look here. What is Manga? What is Anime? Anime and Mental Health One of the biggest differences between Anime and Manga is the medium. Manga are Japanese comics. Some use the term graphic novel and Manga interchangeably but there is a difference. Anime is visual medium and can be thought of as a short movie. Learn more here.

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